VidCon 2013 Recap!


So it's been over a week since VidCon, why not write a blog post about it?  It was a pretty fun convention, both as a content creator and fan for other YouTubers. 


On the creators side, there was a ton of great panels to teach us about YouTube strategy.  All the panels and advice we heard really affected our strategy and we're going to shift the way we do things around a little bit.  For our audience (ie, you), you'll really like these changes since it essentially means we're paying more attention to you!  It was also great getting viewpoints from channels we normally don't follow and seeing how certain strategies work universally while others work specifically to certain genres. 

As a fan, it was amazing!  We ran into all our favorite YouTubers, usually just walking around.  We got to ask them questions about how they make their videos, take pictures with them, and so on.  There was a ton of events to showcase all the YouTube creators' talents.  We had a couple music festivals and concerts for the music channels.  A lot of YouTubers filmed their own content live and had Q&A panel versions of certain shows with the audience.  Overall, it was cool to see all the YouTubers do their thing in person, and we ended up subscribing to a lot of channels we wouldn't have known about otherwise. 

You know what else was at VidCon?  KIDS!  Seriously, we felt really old there.  Everyone was in the 13-15 year old range.  Some of these tweens were serious diehard fans.  There were a couple times I thought I was at a Justin Bieber concert.  If that's a true representation of the YouTube audience, it skews pretty young.

But yeah!  VidCon was tons of fun and we'll definitely be back next year!  Hopefully we'll get recognized by a couple fans there.  We've got a whole year to prepare!   If you want to see all the pictures we took at VidCon, check them out on our Facebook Album!  We also talked about VidCon in the premiere of a new video series of ours, Ask Hyperdrive!



Whew.  It's been awhile since the last blog post, but let's get another one up for you guys!  Since the last blog post we've put a couple of YouTube collaborations under our belt!  First we collaborated with Videogame Hour Live on the first part of our Harry Potter video.  Then we collaborated with KVR News in the second part of that same video.  Since they're both a part of Texas Student TV it was fun and easy to work with them.  We talked about it in our previous post, but I couldn't think of a better way to start collaborating with other channels on YouTube then by calling up some close friends.


Shortly after that we worked with Professor Puppet and Mark Gray on our video, Life's Greatest Question.  That was a really fun video because the script came from a lot of different people.  Steven pretty much wrote up the Harry Potter Script on his own and added some tweaks based on comments the other members of Hyperdrive Pictures and some friends gave him.  But this script originally came from Smiles Ramirtha.  When Steven met with Mark they brainstormed a fun twist on how to incorporate Professor Puppet in it.  Then Steven combined everything to create an adventurous script that ended up being our longest video yet!

So that's our first three collaborations.  We're definitely going to be making more of them since they're so fun and it helps us find new audiences for our videos.  We got a lot of new eyes on our content thanks to them, and we just had a good time on set with everyone.  It's great getting new ideas and viewpoints on how to make a video and working with different types of talent to get it done.  As of right now we've got a couple more collaborations in the works, but since you never want to count your eggs before they hatch, we'll hold off on officially announcing them until we're on set!  For when that happens you should follow our Twitter, since we live tweet statuses and photos from the set while we're filming with other YouTubers.  And check out this playlist.  As we collaborate more we'll add videos to it, from both our channel and other ones we appear on.

See you guys next week!

Austin Adventures!

So Steven got to go to Austin and visit some old friends and film new videos in the Lone Star State!  It was a refreshing change of pace to film in Austin, which is ironically a much more film friendly city then Los Angeles.  At least for the small guys like us.  We were able to film in a park, which entails a lot more hassle and paperwork in Los Angeles.  We actually had an audience watching us film and asking us questions between takes, which was pretty cool.  A lot of them were kids who were excited about the Harry Potter video we were doing, and they had some funny questions for us.  There were some other people filming in the park, too, which is a testament to how much Austin just loves letting people make their movies and not worrying nearly as much about dotting the i's and crossing the t's.  And it's much easier to find locations, too!

Also, Steven got to make a couple guest appearances on #24Seven at Texas Student TV, including surprising and reuniting with another founder of the channel, Smiles!  IN addition to hanging out with old friends, Steven joined in on some tabletop gaming late at night and played Dungeons and Dragons (a lot of the Hyperdrive Pictures crew back in LA are fans of tabletop RPGs).  Coincidentally it was also Tabletop Day according to Geek and Sundry, so we got to get in on that holiday too!  Everyone in Hyperdrive Pictures so far is an alum of TSTV, so if you want you can donate to them to make sure more talented filmmakers, reporters, and more can learn through the station and make cool content after they graduate too.


Hey guys!  It's been awhile since our last blog post, but we've been busy on growing the channel!  We've been meeting with some other Youtubers and setting up some collaborations.  And you can check out our founder, Steven Zurita, in the upcoming finale of Video Game High School on Freddie Wong's channel. this summer.

So expect to see some fun collaboration videos in the coming weeks!  We film our first one this weekend.  Stay tuned!