Austin Adventures!

So Steven got to go to Austin and visit some old friends and film new videos in the Lone Star State!  It was a refreshing change of pace to film in Austin, which is ironically a much more film friendly city then Los Angeles.  At least for the small guys like us.  We were able to film in a park, which entails a lot more hassle and paperwork in Los Angeles.  We actually had an audience watching us film and asking us questions between takes, which was pretty cool.  A lot of them were kids who were excited about the Harry Potter video we were doing, and they had some funny questions for us.  There were some other people filming in the park, too, which is a testament to how much Austin just loves letting people make their movies and not worrying nearly as much about dotting the i's and crossing the t's.  And it's much easier to find locations, too!

Also, Steven got to make a couple guest appearances on #24Seven at Texas Student TV, including surprising and reuniting with another founder of the channel, Smiles!  IN addition to hanging out with old friends, Steven joined in on some tabletop gaming late at night and played Dungeons and Dragons (a lot of the Hyperdrive Pictures crew back in LA are fans of tabletop RPGs).  Coincidentally it was also Tabletop Day according to Geek and Sundry, so we got to get in on that holiday too!  Everyone in Hyperdrive Pictures so far is an alum of TSTV, so if you want you can donate to them to make sure more talented filmmakers, reporters, and more can learn through the station and make cool content after they graduate too.