Whew.  It's been awhile since the last blog post, but let's get another one up for you guys!  Since the last blog post we've put a couple of YouTube collaborations under our belt!  First we collaborated with Videogame Hour Live on the first part of our Harry Potter video.  Then we collaborated with KVR News in the second part of that same video.  Since they're both a part of Texas Student TV it was fun and easy to work with them.  We talked about it in our previous post, but I couldn't think of a better way to start collaborating with other channels on YouTube then by calling up some close friends.


Shortly after that we worked with Professor Puppet and Mark Gray on our video, Life's Greatest Question.  That was a really fun video because the script came from a lot of different people.  Steven pretty much wrote up the Harry Potter Script on his own and added some tweaks based on comments the other members of Hyperdrive Pictures and some friends gave him.  But this script originally came from Smiles Ramirtha.  When Steven met with Mark they brainstormed a fun twist on how to incorporate Professor Puppet in it.  Then Steven combined everything to create an adventurous script that ended up being our longest video yet!

So that's our first three collaborations.  We're definitely going to be making more of them since they're so fun and it helps us find new audiences for our videos.  We got a lot of new eyes on our content thanks to them, and we just had a good time on set with everyone.  It's great getting new ideas and viewpoints on how to make a video and working with different types of talent to get it done.  As of right now we've got a couple more collaborations in the works, but since you never want to count your eggs before they hatch, we'll hold off on officially announcing them until we're on set!  For when that happens you should follow our Twitter, since we live tweet statuses and photos from the set while we're filming with other YouTubers.  And check out this playlist.  As we collaborate more we'll add videos to it, from both our channel and other ones we appear on.

See you guys next week!