Thoughts on the PS4

So with our last video being about the big Sony announcement, it only makes sense to share our thoughts on the announcement.  It's kind of hard to believe we're already moving into the next generation of consoles.  I know it's been the usual 6 or 7 year wait, so it's definitely been coming, but these last couple years have really flown by.  It probably has something to do with how time seems to move by quicker as you get older.  But the PS3, which is a piece of hardware that once looked leaps and bounds above anything currently available has indeed reached its limits.  PCs have left the current generation of consoles in the dust for quite some time now in terms of processing power and graphic capabilities.  As a response, Sony definitely seems to be going towards a PC type architecture with the PS4.  The CPU and GPU are both familiar to PC users.  As a result, the console won't natively play PS3 games, since that console used a different type of processor.  The simulations they used to show off the PS4's power are definitely impressive.

We've definitely got to talk about the controller.  There's a cool touch pad on it, similar to the one on the back of the PS Vita.  Like anything new, it'll take developers some time to figure out the best way to use it or the motion control included in the controller.  But it's really relieving to see that the controller is for the most part a traditional controller that has support options for touch and motion gaming.  I like that option, because I'm not a fan of all out motion control games.  The other big inclusion is the share button.  It'll let you stream or upload videos of your gameplay, which is an interesting inclusion.  Back on Videogame Hour Live we uploaded and live streamed gameplay, but I'm not sure if the share button will make things easier for game reviewers, or will it just be a fun tool for players.  There seems to be some resentment to the inclusion of a share button, as a lot of gamers don't play games to share them on facebook, but as long as the game doesn't shove that option down its customers' throats, the customers will be fine.  Instead of a start or select button there's an option button.  I see it as just a change of name, it'll probably still do the same thing.

One big question I want to pose deals with the fact that we never saw the console.  While the specs are extremely important, the external appearance is important as well.  I have the original release of the PS3, which is not only fully backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games, but it has four USB ports and a variety of memory card ports.  What kind of ports will the PS4 have?  We already know there's going to be some USB 3.0 ports for controllers, and the inclusion of USB 3.0 is exciting for that extra transfer speed.  They took out the memory card ports for later versions of the PS3, which reduced its easability as an entertainment center.  Having CF and SD card slots makes it so easy to look at photos you've taken that I sometimes use my PS3 to do that instead of my computer.  And finally, the emphasis on immediate play, background downloads, and video streaming for older titles makes me worried about one thing (though on their own these are amazing developments).  We can assume Sony will keep a Blu Ray drive on the PS4, as they want the format to continue to be relevant and popular.  But since they didn't really talk about it, it does make me wonder if they'll use Blu Rays differently.  Worst case scenario, the games will be download only.  That's a highly unlikely scenario, but until I see those external specs on the PS4, it'll be in the back of my mind.

Anyways, that's our thoughts on it.  What did you think of the event?  Will you get the next PS4 or not?  Or are you waiting on more details?  Leave an answer in the comments below!