Other Sites To Get On

So a big part of gaining an audience on Youtube is to not just throw a video on that website and hope it gets some views.  Back in the day that worked.  But now with the number of Youtube channels getting into the millions, it's hard to stand out.  So you have to post links to your videos on other sites to get it some traffic.  We've been doing that on a handful of sites so far.  If you're reading this on our website, you probably already read the links and statuses we post on our Facebook and Twitter.  There's a couple other sites like Reddit and such too.

But here's where you can help.  We get so caught up in creating the content for these videos that by the time we're done, we have a hard time thinking of other websites to post them on.  And we know there's tons of smaller sites and blogs that have extremely devoted followings.  So what are some websites or blogs you guys read that are a good fit for our content?  If everything works out we can try and get our videos on there, and you can take credit for helping us get some greater exposure!  It's a win win.