Plans for 2013

Well it's 2013!  It feels weird to write up a blog about our plans for 2013 when we only started releasing videos in late 2012.  We've got lots of goals, still, and it's a great opportunity to lay them out!  We've had some good videos so far, but for 2013 we've got tons more in store!  From our last couple writers meetings we've come up with a list of over 50 ideas, some better then others.  Of all those ideas, about fifteen scripts have been written up.  So obviously, we're gonna tackle those and get them online for you.

More importantly, everything Hyperdrive Pictures has done up to this point has been part of the 'soft launch,' which is when a company releases a product to test the waters.  Our group has been figuring out the best way to collaborate and work together so we have a solid video making process in place for when the hard launch comes around.  When will that hard launch come around, you say?

Great question!  Well to put it simply, once we go viral!  Our videos have been consistently getting more and more views every week, but it'll take a viral hit to launch us into the realm of getting tens of thousands of views per video, or more.  Getting to that point will hopefully reflect that we've got that process I mentioned before down.  When will that happen?  It's hard to say.  But we do have a couple scripts that might just have what it takes to go viral.  Solid writing and rewriting will go a long way to getting us there.

So those are really the goals for the first part of 2013.  And really only one goal.  But it's what we're aiming for, and once we reach it we'll tackle a new set of goals!  The overall goal here is to use Hyperdrive Pictures to make creative videos and films we can be proud of and that others will enjoy.  So here's to that in 2013!