The Problem With Sexy Costumes

Halloween costumes get sluttier and sexier every year, they don't even make sense anymore! You won't believe how many of these Lauren's got lying around.

Check out Lauren's version too, with a different set of costumes!

Jaws 19 Review

I know you guys are all flocking to theatres this weekend for the newest Jaws movie, so here's what I thought of this fishy flick!

Obi-Wan Sends Luke to the Dagobah System

Upon escaping the wampa cave, Luke has a vision of his former master. Courtesy & property of Lucasfilm.

Rick and Morty Challenge

Michael dares us to be the Mortiest Morty in this improv challenge at the end of our Rick and Morty podcast. That's a lot of shrill yelling.

Back to the Future Challenge

For the challenge this week we decided to update the scene where Marty invades George McFly's hour as Darth Vader from Planet Vulcan for today.

Voice Swap ft Jessface

People never have the voices you expect them too.


Directed/Edited/Camera By Steven Zurita

Sound By James McEnelly


Ryan Evans

James McEnelly

Jessa Day

Wesley Bell


Life's Greatest Question (ft. Professor Puppet)

Sasha and Michael find the wisest sage they can to answer life's greatest question.


Director/Camera/Editor - Steven Zurita

Producer - Taylor Baker

Story - Stephen "Smiles" Ramirtha

Camera - Jason Lemmen

Sound - Hayley Denny

Sound - Jaqui Dochterman

Professor Puppet/Himself - Mark Gray

Herself - Sasha Snow

Himself - Michael Ornelas

Unauthorized Birthday Song

A surprise birthday celebration is cut short when someone actually enforces the copyright on the Happy Birthday song. Just be careful what you sing at your next party!


Director/Editor - Steven Zurita

Cameraman - Jason Lemmen

Sound - Stephen Ramirtha

Set Photography - Kelly Williams

Boy - Ryan Evans

Girl - Sasha Snow

Agents - Wesley Bell, Steven Zurita

Extras - Michael Ornelas, Shea Jones, Emily Pugh, Andy Bailey