Locked & Loaded

Sometimes these cops can be a little quick to the trigger...


Director, Editor, VFX - Steven Zurita

Camera - Kelly Williams

Sound, Pizza Guy - Stephen Ramirtha

Cop 1 - Wesley Bell

Cop 2 - Jason Lemmen

Paranormal Vlogtivity

Apparently in the next Paranormal Activity film, the demonic entity haunts an up and coming Youtube vlogger. Why wouldn't it? I mean, it could haunt a lot more people with its own web show, right?


Director, VFX - Steven Zurita

Vlogger - Wesley Bell

Monster - Ryan Evans

Slender is Looking For You - Original Sound and Color

Since we changed the image so much for the original Slenderman video, here it is again without the day to night conversion, so you can see the lighting conditions we originally filmed in. Also the original version of the sound, which is designed to mirror the game "Slender" much more then the first version.

Ryan Evans - Director, Editor

Stephen Ramirtha - Sound Operator

Sasha Snow - Girl in Distress

Steven Zurita - Slender, VFX