Steve Martin

50- The Jerk* (Ryan)


The FUAR crew celebrates the big 5-oh this week - by making absolutely no mention of it! What gets mentioned plenty is the 1979 classic Steve Martin comedy, The Jerk! Among the aspects mentioned are the enduring, one-upsmanship style of comedy, the film's place as a coming of age tale, and, in this week's Challenge, stealing toys from sick children!

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*The title of this episode is not calling Ryan a jerk.

15- Sgt. Bilko (Ryan)

Great Picture

Ryan dug back into the recesses of his memory and pulled out this critically panned Steve Martin, 90s comedy - and risks the lives of his fellow FUAR crew members in the process! This leading-man focused, screwball comedy gets run through the vigorous rigor of the bigger movie pickers with no guarantee that it, or the FUAR crew, will make it through to the other side. If they make it to next week, be sure to tune in and join the discussion by writing in to or tweeting us @FuaRockPodcast.