Martial Arts

47- Warrior (Ryan)

The beads of sweat pour to the ground, the muscles pull and tear with the strain of the fighter's exertions, the bones creak and threaten to break as pressure is applied, pressure like none they have felt before - 

"Michael! Please stop practicing your wrestling moves on us! We have a podcast to record!"

"Oh, right. My bad, guys."


46- Enter the Dragon (James)

The crew get in touch with their inner dragons this week on FUAR, in a continuation of the epic Martial Arts Cycle. This Bruce Lee classic has some of the best kicking (along with average punching, according to Steven) around, but will that be enough to satisfy the FUAR panel's high standards? Will James' island getaway-themed Challenge prove too much for their weak constitutions? Will the dragons ever actually enter?? Find out this week on From Under a Rock!


31- Miami Connection (Steven)

Great Picture

The FUAR friends for eternity, loyalty, honesty, stick together to discuss one of the best terrible movies of all time, Miami Connection. They then open some mail, which brings on surprisingly emotional confessions from all...