Linda Hamilton

18- Terminator 2 (Steven)

Great Picture

That's right, Stuben "The King of Variety" Suburban stuck T2 in front of all of our faces, and we liked it despite him. But we swear to God that if he legitimately brings Sarah Connor Chronicles to the group, we will drop a literal rock on top of him. With the help of Gabe Alvarez.

But getting back to brass tacks, there's a pretty good improv game in this one for the CHALLENGE CHALLENGE CHALLENGE Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-challenge! It alone is worth listening to.

And what's up with that ginger kid with the mullet? Gross.

Also, Will stops by. I thought we killed him? And something about bomb threats.

16- Terminator (Steven)

Great Picture

It was a night like any other. A certain group of fuar friends had congregated to perform a sort of ritual by watching a movie and then talking about it like other people could hear them. All was calm, all was bright, until the unspeakable happened. One of the so-called friends pulled out the chosen film...on a VHS tape! The lightbulbs blew out like candles as Stuben held the retro-Satan-spawn of a movie playback device in his hand. The gang collectively gulped, then decided to press on, knowing that after this night, nothing would ever be the same again.