John Carpenter

49- They Live (Michael)

They don't eat. They don't sleep. They, wrong movie. We sleep, they live! That's the one! The FUAR crew does their best not to sleep through the steadily beating soundtrack of Carpenter's 1988 conspiracy thriller. After a rousing discussion, the guys get to come up with brand new conspiracies of their own, and you won't believe what the aliens are doing to our condoms! 

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11- Vampires: Los Muertos

Great Picture


And this movie takes FOR-EVERRRRRrrrrr. Join us as we watch something we hate, and grow closer as a group. Except for Stuben, because of the resentment we harbor towards him for watching this poorly-acted suckfest*.

We love Magellan, and if he had discovered this movie before...whatever he actually did do, he would have turned back and just lived out the rest of his days in squalor as a simpleton and a stay-at-home mother.

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*Vampire pun no. 1. Also, the only one.