Jim Carey

19- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (James)

Great Picture

It was late in the evening at Lacuna, the customers long since dispersed. Dr. Mierzwiak was just about on his way out the door to his lonely bachelor pad, where he would probably lay awake all night waiting for a call, when into the reception area walked a group of four bedraggled yet heroic podcasters. 

"Gentlemen, I'm sorry, but we're closed for the night. Come back tomorrow at 10 and I'll set you up an appointment."

The one the doctor would later learn was called McNoodles stepped forward. "No, Howard the Doc, I'm afraid this can't wait. You see, we desperately need to have our memories erased tonight."

"Oh?" Dr. Mierzwiak asked, intrigued and slightly less perturbed. "And what is it that you need erased?"

The one called Stuben stepped forward. "We need to erase...the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Because it was really good. And we want to watch it again for the first time tonight."