Chris Evans

20- Sunshine (Ryan)

Great Picture

It is the year 20XX. Tensions are high and friendships are frayed among the once brotherly comrades known as FUAR. Weeks pass, then months without nary a recording as Ryan labors fruitlessly in the FUAR engine room, endlessly toiling and failing to figure out how to work a Blu-Ray. The rest are supportive at first, but quickly grow weary as what was supposed to be a friendly gathering has turned into nothing short of a Mad Maxian dystopia. 

Finally, long after all hope seemed lost, Ryan reaches into the depths of the FUAR equipment closet and pulls out an old, unused Blu-Ray player. Brushing off the dust, he plugs it in and prays. And play it does. 

So if you wake up one morning, and it's a particularly beautiful day, and there's a new episode of From Under a Rock, you'll know they made it.