41- Rick and Morty (Michael)

This week, on a very special From Under a Rock: the gang watches and reviews the critically laundried Adult Swim show Rick and Morty, learning a lot about quality science fiction programming, and a little about themselves as well. This week, on a very special CHALLENGE: the gang acts out a D&D-esque fan fiction episode of the show, which is all real real dumb in a very special way.


24- Frozen (Steven)

Great Picture

Steven closes out the sixth cycle by making Ryan watch the most successful animated film of all time. Will the Disney magic be able to melt Ryan's frozen heart?

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13- Clerks: The Animated Series (Michael)

Great Picture

The FUAR crew doubles down on animation this week, this time with the American animated series based on Clerks and it's subsequent pseudo-sequels. How do the boys think it stacks up? Well let's just say the answer involves lengthy discussions of Space Jam, Blockbuster, and Aimee Teegarden, all culminating in a challenge that will leave the cadre questioning their deepest sexual desires. This is the big one folks.

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