54- Some Like it Hot (Steven)

Shave your legs and grab some pantyhose, gentlemen! This week we're reviewing the classic screwball comedy about musicians in drag, 1959's Some Like It Hot! And you don't even need to watch anyone die for this one! This review cuts a little close to home for Michael since he too has spent a 'romantic' time at the very same hotel from this movie and vowed to never speak again...for about 10 seconds. Plus, we can all talk about how Marilyn Monroe's a classic 12 out of 10.

Joining us this week is Ashley Robinson to bring her expertise in film, tv, and even Marilyn Monroe to the table. Ms. Monroe was going through a downward spiral during this film's production and the film's decades old release makes for some interesting conversations about blending comedy and gender roles. Pretty interesting for a movie waaaay back in 1959 to take on cross dressing!

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